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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Government System Batavia symbolizes Prosperity EPIDeMICS Old Imperialism ->Economic Growth The Social Staus Therefore, Dutch Netherlandsgovernment systemserved as one of thereasons of its advancement duringthe time. Old Imperialism served as a motivation in searching for gold and wealth also promoted the expansion and economic growth of Dutch. Batavia with its well-built technique and with the giant Indian Companybehind its back, showed the well-organized international trades and economical prosperity of the Dutch republic. The Protestant Reformationin the sixteenth century made one major religious impact on Dutchs majority of population with a principlecalled Work Ethic. Amsterdam being the commercial center of central Europe symbolizes the population growth and flourish Batavia Graveyard Project Essentials of VOC and Dutch->EPIDeMICS->Historical Impacts Sabrina & Eric 1300g 13L 700ml Due to the Republic government ofDutch, social statusand wealth became much more flexible and achievable formass population. Economically: Batavia symbolizes prosperityPolitically: Batavia connects to Dutch's social pyramidDiplomatically:VOC symbolizes expansion and power.Culturally: A common notion population involved into a benign economic cycle. Amsterdam symbolizes Population Flourish of Dutch For example theexperienceof the character Francisco Pelsaert on Batavia. Reformation -> Work Ethic In contrast with its opponents and other under developed European nations, Dutch had a much greater population in representing its power.
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