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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north west north east south east west coast represented New World Political Development Economic Development Economic Development Limitation Limitation - Power was distributed and dividedex. Aztecs: semi autonomous territories Incas: 4 Provinces Centralized Government Revolved Around Agriculture Failed to be centrailized Able to find some form of banking and collecting money - Aztecs: tax collectors (goods) Incas: Quipo (knot record keeping system - Able to expand through imperial domination and later exploited by EuropeansImpact: Able to reach globalization - Had a strong government, but it was limited because of geographic barriers. - Was never able to develop a banking form because due to its isolation from other countries. They also could not collect taxes or tributewhich were major effects in Oceania's weak economy. Expansion - Since it was isolated and lacked advanced technologiesex. Did not have advanced ships such as caravels so not able to expand Oceania Expansion Limitation Weak Economy Political Development Limitation Political Development Both had ruling figures with power in government New World-Aztecs: Moctezuma was their ruler. Had a royal monarch with divine and secular characteristics Incas: Had a ruler or Inca and a governor all related to royaltyOceania-Ruled by chiefs Economic Development New World-Aztecs: ChinampusIncas: Terrace Farming Oceania-Since it was isolated, unable to trade so they needed to supply themselves
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