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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prosperity Recession Depression Recovery PHYSICAL PROPERTIES-melting point: 420 degrees celsius-boiling point: 907degrees celsius -color: bluish-white-volume: 9.16 cm cubed ZINC Atomic Number: 30Symbol: ZnName: ZincAtomic Mass: 65 Bohr Model of Zinc CHEMICAL PROPERTIES-property function of immune and digestive systems-control of diabetes-reduction of stress levels-healing for acne and wounds USESZinc alloys with many othermetals. Nickel silver, typewriter metal, commercial bronze spring brass, softsolder, and aluminum solder all contain zinc. Zinc is only found as a chemical compound. Not as pure zinc,and can be used as a raw material for castings andcoatings. People used zinc to alloy copper into brass for weapons.Daily price for zinc is $1.01 per pound Zinc is essential for the normal healthy growth and reproduction of plants animals and humans. HISTORYZInc is corrosion resistent, recyclable and very important for the human body.It was discovered by Andreas Marggraf at 1746 in Germany. Its origin of name is from the German word "zink". It is a shiny bluish -white colored metal and fair conductor of electricity.Zinc is used by over 100 different ways in the body.Zinc is used for many ways for your health. FUN FACTS-crucial for hormone regulation-used in beauty products-vital during pregnancy-relieves itching and diaper rashes-the U.S penny is 98% zinc-zinc is essential to life-boosts brain activity- zinc is recyclable
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