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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Shakers! - spread over the country- believed in equality among all races and sexes- originated from Protestantism- all followers dead by mid-1900's- originated during the mid-1700's in England - first settlement was in Niskeyuna, New York The Shakers created one of the earliest religious communal movements in the 1840's. This community emphasized chastity, shared property, and the confession of sins. - Separation of sexes + they believed sex to be the root of all sin + lack of children eventually led to the Shaker's demise. Main Beliefs - Shared property + four groups in one community- called families with about 100 members each + all property was communal- on entering the community you had to turn in all personal property - Confession of Sins & Communion + practiced Christian communion but services were very unique- worshippers spoke in many different tongues and shook ("shakers") + valued repentance- believed Christ could come at any time to judge them - Leader and founder of the Shakers- Had revelation in jail: + believed she was the new embodiment of Christ, the female form + to avoid religious persecution fled to America with followers + sought to form community free of discrimination, fighting and intercourse Mother Ann Lee Facts:
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