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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sierpinski Triangle Kite butcher paper, straws,kite string, glue, andtape (optional markers to decorate the paper) Supplies: Prepare: -Cut 24 string 1ft long each-Cut 4 ovals of butcher paperthat are 9 in by 12 in-Decorate butcher paper with washable marker(optional) Triangle Assembly: 5.Tie 2 of the ft long strings together6. Put a straw on both stringsso that the joint is where the knot is7. Tie a string to the stringat the end of one of the straws.Put a straw on that string.8. Tie the string to the string at the end of the other straw to create a triangle 9. Tie a string to one of thevertices of the triangle.Thread a straw through thestring.10. Do #9 to the other twovertices and tie the strings to form a 3Dequilateral triangle11. Repeat #5-9 3 more times Triangular PrismAssembly: 12. Tie 2 of the 3D equilateraltriangles together at a vertex. 13. Tie another 3D equilateraltriangle to the vertex at the other end.14. Pull the 3D equilateral triangles together so that theyform an equilateral triangle inthe center 15. Tie the remaining 3Dequilateral triangle to thetop vertices of the base.It should look like a biggerversion of the 3D equilateraltriangle16. Tie any lose ends so that the straws are tightlystrung together 17. Glue the butcher paper on sothat it folds over and around the straws. Make sure the fold is facing outward for the 4 3Dequilateral triangles.18. Add tape to the insidesas extra security for keepingthe butcher paper in place19. Let it dry for 24 hours A fractal and attractive fixed set with the overall shape of an equilateral triangle, subdivided recursively into smaller equilateral triangles. . GO FLY A KITE!!
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