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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The LIfe Cycle of a Star Nebula The nebula is "star stuff" and it is before the actual star is formed. This "stuff" is a cloud of gasses like hydrogen and dust in space. It is the birthplace of the star. Protostar A protostar is when the nebulas gravity begins to collapse in on itself. All the "star stuff" begins to fuse together. It is the beginning stage of a star. Main Sequence Star A main sequence star is what our sun is. it appears to be unchanging for long periods of time. In their core They are undergoing the fusion of hydrogen into helium. They give off heat (about 5600 degrees celcius) and light. Red Super Giant Red Giant Comes from a small main sequence star. The main sequence star expands into the red giant. The red super giant comes from a larger main sequence star which also expands intoits next stage. White Dwarf *Both giants are a lot cooler than main sequence stars* Planetary Nebula This happens towards the end of the red giant phase. The star becomes unstable and begins to pulsate and shed its outer layers revealing the very core of the star. This is the very dense core of a low mass star. It is made up of highly compressed carbon and oxygen with a mass close to the suns and a size close to earths.They can be up to 100,000 degrees celsiusbut die out quickly to become cold black dwarfs. *There are low mass stars and higher mass stars* Supernova This is the huge explosion of a high mass star at the end of its red giant phase. It will shine extremly bright but only for a couple of days. This occurs when the star runs out of fuel and its gravity collapses in on itself. The materials from the star then drift into space. Neutron stars This is the compact core that remains after a supernova explosion happens. It is very dense and can rotate a few hundred times a second. Black Hole Anything that is left of the star is pushed into a very small dense object. The gravity is so strong that nothing can escape it not even light. Which is why its called a black hole.
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