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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BOILING POINT OF WATER METHOD OF SOLUTION PROBLEM DESCRIPTION nowadays, boiling water have been used in dailylife all around the world. boiling point for water is100 deg c at 1 atm. in this problem, the plain water has been used to be boiled by using akettle n stove. the problem is how can the waterreach boiling point in a short time? Newton's Cooling Law OBJECTIVE 1. To determine the suitable materials for kettle to boil the water more faster (short time)2. To study the relationship between amount of water and the time taken to reach the b.p3. To find the energy needed and temperature to boil the water more faster to raise 1 deg c of water4. To observe the effect of power supply towards the boiling point To solve the differential equation use following mathematical concept:Separable differential techniqueSubstitution of valueExponential concept The initial amount of water (volume) is constant. Set water temperature as the room temperature and let it be uniform.Set heating power to be consistent as not to affect the heat transferred. ASSUMPTIONS DETAILED SOLUTION 1. Once done the differential equation using Newtons law of Coolings we get , T=Ts+cekt2. Objective to find time taken, t when the T reaches boiling point T=100.3. To find c set t = 0, T=100 and Ts=room temperature4. To find we did k we took at T=87 from data experiment we get time taken to be 2 minutes.5. Substitute values to get k and uses it to find t when T is 100.
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