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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1) Your end-of-year appeal should have more yous than Is. Focus on the donor, not the writer.2) Remember that people skim your letter. They dont examine every sentence, so be sure your letter is easy to read. Use clear, concise sentences. Bold important phrases. Leave plenty of white space. Bullet points can be very effective.3) Committees dont write letters, people do. You are writing person-to-person, not institution to person. Only one person should sign the letter.4) Dont forget to ask for a donation. Then ask again later in the letter. Dont be coy; instead be forthright in your request for money.5) Remember to always include a P.S. Studies have shown that people tend to read the P.S. more than any other part of your letter so make your postscript a short, strong case for support that includes a request for a contribution.6) Give people a variety of ways to contribute. Include a return envelope in your appeal and list the link for your website.7) Make it simple to give online. The donor should not have to search to find your donate now page it should be the first thing a donor sees when visiting your website, especially in December.8) Send an email requesting support a couple of days after Christmas to donors who made online gifts in previous years. Dont forget to include a link that goes directly to your donate now page on your website.
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