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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PTSD is the effect of a traumatic experience on an individual. History Holy Books NOW PTSD: Then Vs. Now . Mahavira Jayanti . Paryushana. Diwali. Kartak Purnima. Mauna Agyaras . Agamas. Digambara Dharama Founder ofModern DayJainism Effects Karma A Hard Realization Holy Days Diagnosis Critera Karma determines the quality of life. A soul has to get rid of all the karma attaches to it. Karma is really bad for you. The less you have the better. Karma works by:bad thinks that you do, attract to your soul and stay there until you behave and act the right way.You also need to have the right state of mind. Symbols Symbol Mahavira Since Jainism people believe in no harm they made a set of rules called Dharama.The rules are:. non-violence. truthfulness. non-stealing. non-aquisition. chaste living . Creator- creator of universe/Earth. Jinas- People who have come out of the cycle of life . The outline of the symbol isthe universe. The raised hand means stopand think before doing an action. The four arms of the swastikameans reincarnation. The three dots are the three jewels. The ark on the top is the adobe of Siddhas * Must have been exposed to a traumatic event* Re-experiencing event through thoughts, dreams, or flashbacks. * Individual is avoiding any memoryof the event. * Negative alteration in mood. * Difficulty concentrating, fallingasleep or staying asleep, increasedirritability, or being easily startled. Most doctors thought that these symptoms were coming from the blast of the shells cause brain trauma. But men who had never been in the areaof a blast shell were showing signs of shell shock. 877-777 B.C.E: Parshva, theearliest Jain leader that can bedated454 B.C.E: Devardhigani completes Jain Agama9th century C.E.: Monolithic statue of Bahubali erected at Shravana beglagola1658 C.E.: Digambara JainLal Mandir temple in Delhiwas built1970: Significance of Jainismin United States1981: First Jain convention inLos Angeles1983: First formal organizationof JAINA2014: Jainism obtains minoritystatus at national level Sources THEN Shell shock was consideredan epidemic and by 1915 there was a shortage of beds due to wounded mind nightmares, insomnia, heart palpitations, dizziness, depression and disorientation.
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