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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mission Statement 20 to 50million tons - Head on over to where you can find guides on thousands of devices.-If you do choose to dispose of your electronics, make sure that the device is being recycled correctly. Do your research to make sure that the medium you take to dispose of your device is not sending it to a landfill. E Waste Statistics SOURCES: - The iFixit mission is to make it possible for anyoneto fix their electronic devices. The easier that they can make something to fix, the more people will do it. E Waste and its Effects Electronics contain many harmful chemicals such as mercury. To properly recycle these devices, they must betaken apart and the chemicals must be separated. Instead, thee devices are sent as isto landfills in third world countries, primarly Africa, where they contaminate the soil and water supply. iFixit has made it their mission to prevent this from happening by creating repair manuals for as many devices as possible. of electronic products are sent to landfills. 80 to 85% of e waste aredisposed each year. Only of e waste is properly recycled. Contributes to of all toxic waste. 70% iFixit donates a portion of every sale they make to a number of non profit organizations. They support both local and worldwide causes in an effort to better communities worldwide. iFixit and Activism Worldwide Organizations Local Organizations - El Camino Homeless Organization- Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County -Creative Commons-Doctors Without Borders-Electronic Frontier Foundation-Feed the Children -Free Software Foundation-Greenpeace-Room to Read iFixit in the Community iFixit and Education iFixit teams with universities around the nation in an effort to educate studentson creating repair guides for numerous devices. As a result... How You Can Impact the Community: - Students receive experience in troubleshooting and creating repair guides for their assigned devices. - iFixit gets closer to their mission of creating repair guides for all electronic devices. - Students gain awareness about e waste and how to prevent it.- Students also save money by repairing their own devices. 12.5%
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