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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 4 3 2 1 The Project Management Process The Project Management Process if your serious about beinga star then location is everything. move to Los Angeles and do as the actors do. in 1 2 : 1 2 females to eachmail will move tohollywood to pursuetheir dream showbiz acting classes can helpyour chances of gettinga gig in INITIATE Define the project and set up expectations According to the PMI's a project's life-cycle can be divided into a number of different processess. PMBOK GUIDE These processes can be grouped into 5 Process Groups 10 Areas of Knowledge INPUT Project Management Tools OUTCOME PROCESSES 10 AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE 1. Integration Management2. Scope Management3. Time Management4. Cost Management5. Quality Management6. Human Resource Management7. Communications Management8. Risk Management9. Procurement Management10. Stakeholders Management PLAN Set out tasks, resources, deadlines, and schedules EXECUTE To find more about studying project management via distance learning, go to: / or call us on: 021 1100 200 MONITOR Make sure the execution of the project corresponds with the plan. A project can go back and forth between theplanning, executing, and monitoring stages. PROJECT TOOLS 1. Milestone checklists2. Project charter template3. Change log4. Project plan template5. Gantt chart6. Fishbone Diagram7. Time management software8. Tracking software9. Collaborative software 10. Decision making software 2 4 3
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