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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] The History (Notable Dates) It all began for Sony in the Year 1946By mid 50's Sony began the process of globalization through the ever dominating US marketThis would begin Sony's path to world domination in the Electronicindustry Foxcomn supplies Sony with parts and materials for their products. Foxcomn has used child labour in various factories across China where children aged 14-16 work overtime and without any rest days.While Sony may not be directly involved and cant takeany responsibility for the actions of Foxcomn, precautionscan be taken to ensure they are not involved in these inhumane crimes Advantages of Sony's influence in Developing countries Disadvantages of Sony's presence in Developing countries Environmental Allegations While Sony claims to have the safety of the environment as a toppriorety, their have been someleaked documents as to strategiesto avoid many environmental policieswhich landed them in hot water during the early 2000's Majority of factories in Asian countries The famous PS range has earnedSony much recognition over the last two decades Masaru Ibuka Akio Marito The founders of Sony Many suppliers have exploited child labour, such as Foxcomn.Sony may not be directly involved. Sony also contributesto the burning of Fossil fuelsand while the number may have dropped it is still something tobe concerned about.Sony also affects local culturesthrough a change in lifestyle.From agriculture based to anindustrial based lifestyle. thisfrom an economic view may be good but culturally this is a disadvantage. Sony provides many people with work and jobs through the many factories. The Sony group code of conduct issues four standards which regulate and provide a basis for human rights, these include, equal employment opportunities, prohibition of forced or child labour, exemplary working conditions, Provision of safe, healthy, efficient work environmentsFree from discrimination. Sony has decreased its global carbon emissions by around 31% from 2000, showing that they have some interests in protecting and preserving the environment.Local businesses (electrical) also benefit from the introduction of a larger supplier for their shops. A PS4 Factory Over the years Sony hasreleased many marketingcampaigns for a large range of different products.Sony spent over 1.041 billiondollars on advertising alonein 2011, a number which hasincreased over the years witha new range of products such athe PS4 Sony's Marketing and Advertisement These two men are responsiblefor the company we know today This chart shows the level of many electronic companiesincluding SOny which is in 8th position behind Smaung in band 4 Sony Headquarters The Sony xperia
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