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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 World War II GAS MASKS We need someonewho will listen to thepeople and feel whatthey feel in order forthem to know what is best for us.... SHELTERS BLACKOUTS "One needs to stand up for what is right and fight for it." We need someone who knows a lot and has learnedfrom his many mistakes so our country will not fallback but push forward.... "A good follower is a good leader; a good leader must be a good follower." Today, we need to find leadersthat will aid us in the development of our country. The people you choose musthave most of the traits we havementioned above. Only you, the people have the power to choose who to elect and make us prosper. When there was anattack, they ranked the gas rattle. When it was safe to take the mask off, a bell would ring. EVACUATION Since the end of World War I Germany wanted revenge against all of those who had taken their land, money, navy and army away. They secretly gathered an army and navy and attacked Poland. Then other countries joined both sides, starting World War II. At night all lights, doors and windows should be covered to prevent the enemy frombeing aware of the presence of people during bombings. Shelters were used to protect the people inside from the bombings. Different types of shelters. There were three main British Evacuations. They took place from 1939 to 1945. Britain was divided into three parts, the Evacuation, the Neutral and the Reception CHILDREN AT SCHOOL FOOD RATIONING Gas Masks had to be carried around at all times in case of an unexpected gas bomb attack. Germany cut off British imports to make them weaker. People had to ration food and clothes.
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