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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kinesthetic -Modeling clay -Drawing materials -Puzzles -Wooden numbers/ letters -Globes and maps -Blocks and cubes -Felt boards -Computers Teaching Strategies Auditory "hands on" experiences Aiding tools -Experiments-Field trips-Role-playing-Projects-Games -Using visuals to teach lessonsInclude pictures, graphics, story maps, and diagrams-When giving verbal directions, write down key words/ use visuals-Demonstrate what you want your child to do-Use dry erase boards/colored markers-Encourage the use of flashcards for memorizing born in early 2000sand on Technology Usein FiveGenerations Kinesthetic learners learn by moving and "doing" Auditory learners learn best by hearing information and using self-talk -Put each letter on a card and have students arrange words-Put words on cards and have students arrange into sentences-Put sentences on paper strips to teach sequencing and paragraphing-Show the visual patterns in words Reading Strategies -Video tapes-Audio tapes-Books on tape-Melodies, rhythms and beats to reinforce information Aiding tools -Answer questions orally-Give oral reports-Repeat facts aloud with their eyes closed-Use repetition to memorize-Recite information aloud -Participate in group discussions -Study in groups Have yourstudents.. Generation Z
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