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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Managing Information Security Common Sources of Threats Three Components of a Good Security Program 1. Human Error (Green)2. Natural disaster3. Malicious activity Human Safeguards Data Safeguards Technical Safeguards -Hiring and Screening-Define Positions (Duties, Privilegeand, Sensitivity)-Established procedures for users to follow during system use.-Dissemination and Enforcement (Responsibility, Accountability, Compliance)-Termination Two Units Responsible:-Data Administration-Database AdministrationProtect databases and other data assets. Include encryptions, data rights, and physical security -Involve the hardware and software components of an information system.-Identification and Authentication-Encryption-Firewall-Malware protection-Design for secure applications Hacker Slang For Dummies Disaster Preparedness Have Safe Guards in Place:-Different Firewalls-Smartcards-Biometric Authentication-Encryption-In-place incident-response plans-Centralized reporting-Efficient troubleshootingHave a Plan in Place:-Practice responding to incidents-Centeralized reporting-Specific responses(speed, prepareation pays, don't make problems worse) double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. -White and Black Hat Hackers: ethical vs. non-ethical hackers.-Pretexting/phishing,Sniffing, Hacking: means of acquiring or stealing data.-Denial of Service Tactics, Fuzzing:ways of bringing down a website.-Bot, Bot Net, Bot Herder:means of controling a network.Unauthorized Data DisclosureMalicious Security-breaching SoftwareMalicious Information Theft Software
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