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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My main purpose for attending college is so that I can obtain knowledge in theHuman Resources field. I am attending college so that I can have a brighter future for myself. I was a university student, but college definitely turned out to be a better option for me since I learn better in college. My motivation is my boyfriend. He is extremely successful in dentistry and I hope to one day be as accomplished as he is. Hard work gets you to where you want to be in life and he is living proof that stressful days can lead you to a brighter future. your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Aliya Dattu's Road Map I can become more involved by taking part in co-curricular activities. Once I am in a group, I can be active in the events that go around Seneca as well as the eventsthat happen such as karaoke nights. I hope to achieve an average mark of a B for this semester as well as next semester. I believe it is realistic because Im on a good track. I need to improve on my time management skills. I do have available time to get work completed, but recently I have been falling behind. I needto pick myself back up and use my time wisely. My future goals are to be able to stay focused and always ensure that school comesfirst. I will take breaks so that Im not overwhelmed next semester. My goals are to become a Human Resources manager at a big company such as The Bay in downtown. I also want to become a Human resources worker in any company as long as I get experience then I can always move up in the ladder to success. My sister and my boyfriend influenced my decisions because they always presented me with the opportunities I would have once I completed this program. I already use a daily calendar so that I am always on schedule, but I should use other resources provided by Seneca such as the Learning centre to motivate me. I know that once I sit down with someone, I will have a better understanding of a concept and I will be motivated to work on it.
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