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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 42 million $3480 USA $4404 $968 $8362 How it affects peoples' lives:-Affects people who have a family history of mental diseases (1)-Causes serious problems like fatigue,inhibitions to social interactions,and other health problems- Makes daily tasks difficult- Lack of social activity- Lack of productivity - Daily paranoia -On the positive side Anxiety can help you stay alert and focused(2)-All Anxiety disorders have one thing in common and its persistent or severe fear or worry in situations *resources - 70.5% Anxiety: The world's most common mental disorder Anxiety is a manifestation in a mind that is filled with exaggeration, worry, and paranoia. People with anxietyendure a daily struggle of living a normal life. Constant anxiety is known as "Chronic Anxiety", and medical researchersdescribe anxiety as a disorder that, "... can affect how a person thinks, feels, and behaves...". Ways to treat anxiety:(10)- deep and regular sleep- calm exercising and "grounding" yoga- eating healthy (dense, warm, moist foods)- keep a daily routine- avoid over stimulation of stress and technology- stay warm!!!- soothing music at low volume- meditation- herbal medicines (flax seed oil/ tulsi tea/ non-caffinated chai tea) 16.8% -Over 3 decades anxiety disorders have increased in America.(4)-About 42 million people deal with anxiety disorders (5)-It's highly treatable,but only one third of that actually get help-Anxiety disorders cause the U.S about $42 billion a year-With anxiety people are more likely to go to the doctor's about three to five times-Anxiety develops a set of high risk factors Canada "The American Mental Health Counselors association released a study of adults with mental disorders under Obamacare will be denied of insurance... denying more than 4 million patients." (2)
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