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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chroma subsampling Bit depth Bit Rate Video Container and Video Codec Colour Space YCbCr and YUV Video & Film Resolutions Bit Depth refers to the number of bits used to represent small amounts of data such as pixels or bytes for data files such as video. The higher the bit depth the better the quality of image or the sound. This is an established formula for the accurate recreation of colours through bites. The most common colour model is RGB which stands for Red Green Blue all RGB colours are a combination of these three. This simply refers to the to amount of bites that are either processed or communicated within a certain period of time normally seconds. YCbCr and YUV are colour models which are used in digital photography and video as part of the process known as a image colour pipeline which are a series of components used between the image source and the image renderer such as monitors, the YUV colour model was created to take human perception into account. This is the process of encoding an images Chroma resolution( Colour information) to optimize bandwidth because human eyesaren't as good as detecting colour difference than luminance ( image brightness) images can be viewed from distance without noticing the reduced image quality. This is the process of reducing the number of bites in an image to reduce the file size there are many different file formats some which allow the compression of images without the loss of visual quality even when uncompressed. Resolution refers to how sharp and clear an image is in this specific case it would refer to how many pixels there are location on a screen or monitor, the numbers refer to number of pixels per line and the number of lines. Keywords A Video codec is a method of compressing data to reduce file size for storage and transport, while also being used to decompress the data to be viewed or trans coded later. Where as the Video container refers to the file format used to save the data such as JPG or GIF. Compression Jack Russell Brindle
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