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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In 2013, A&W launched new beef which is raised without hormones or steroids Opened its first restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1956 A&W is the second largest hamburger restaurant chainin Canada By 1966, A&W Food Services had opened over 200 drive-in restaurants The Great Root Bear, also called Rooty, is the mascot for A&W Root Beer Over 800 restaurants from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland Serves more than 96 million customers annually Employ approximately 16,000 people on a full or part time basis Rooty was first used in 1974 by Canada then America A&W is the second largesthamburger restaurant chain in Canada Canadian-owned company A&W Root Beer is the world's Number 1 root beer! Formula for A&W Root Beer was invented by a pharmacist in Arizona The initials "A&W" stand for A&W's founders; Allen and Wright Swap out paper plates and plastic cutlery for reusable serving ware, this keeps 121,000 kilograms of waste out of landfills each year. Thats the annual amount of household trash produced by 100 homes Using ceramic coffee mugs instead of paper cups is an equivalent of 1,200 trees A&W teen burgers are the healthiest burgers out of the most popular burgers in the fast food business 1919-1948 1948-1958 1958-1971 1961-1971 1971-1995 1995-present 2007-present (United States) In 2013, system sales for all A&Ws in Canada were $890 million A&W Root Beer Logo Timeline
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