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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Military Powers TITLE HERE Description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipiscising elit Executive Powers Legislative Powers Diplomatic Powers Judicial Powers Power To Instate Treaties - The President has the right topass treaties so long as it is backed by 2/3 senate. Presidential Reprieve - The President has the right toreprieve an execution to give the prisoner time tomake the case Commander In Chief - The President has the right to declare waron another country shall he see it fit.The President has the right to double click to change this header text! Executing The Law - The President has an obligation to faithfully uphold the proper and fair execution of the law of the United States. The Ordinance Power - In the scenario where Parliament is in recessand the President deems it necessary, he may impose an ordinance. The Appointment Power - The President may appoint key officialsin all executive departments. The Removal Power - The President holds the right to remove key officialsAs he sees fit, without approval from legislation. Right To Appoint Legislation - The President has the right to appoint individuals to seats of legislation. Presidential Veto - The President has the right to veto any legislation that passes congress. Executive Agreements - The President has the right to makeexecutive agreements without needing the backing of senate. Power Of Recognition - The President has the right torecognize legitimate governments in other countries. Presidential Pardon - The President holds the power to pardon someone of their crimes so long as they were convicted federally
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