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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DONATE DUALISM VS. MATERIALISM In the view of Materialism, Hobbes claims that what we can observe with our senses is all that exist. This confines the theory of human nature to what physically exists, believes that the mind cannot be immaterialbecause it effects something material. Dualism is the essential theory of our existence and nature. THE INANIMATEMIND VS. THE INANIMATE MIND NOUS=MIND A misconception in this views lies where mind should not be mistaken as the brain, as every existing thing contains mind even when it does not have a brain. What can Anaxagoras' theory of existence reveal about modern day technology? MIND self-awareness MIND double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. GO OUTSIDE GO OUTSIDE How going outside effects the human body. DUALISM VS. FUNCTIONALISM How could something physical seem to produce something non-physical? Material things must be able to be measured, and the mind cannot be measured, therefore the mind is not material. double click to change this header text! The belief that thematerial brain makescertain inputs (senses), and certain outputs (behavior). Feelings can be observed. DUALISM VS. FEMINISM DUALISM: A VALID THEORY The feminist view concludes that the human aspect of reason is associated with man, while the human aspect of emotion is associated with women. A flaw in this argument is that it unclearly defines a purpose, or clarifies the relevance of how women and men differentiating from one another effects human nature itself. Too Broad! Dualism explains the mind in existence away from the body and vice versa. The validity of this argument lies in the fact that the mind is immaterial and not tangible, therefore immeasurable. This proves the mind and soul is not a part of the material body.
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