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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Forensic Psychiatrist A Forensic Psychiatrist is a medical professional that assesses the mental health of the suspect (during the crime), puts together an expert testimonial, and assesses victims behavior. Medical school & a residency in psychiatric ward EducationalRequirements Understand the legal system *It is not uncommon for a forensic psychiatrist to have a clinical practice Other Requirements Forensic psychiatrists need to have a competent understanding of behaviors Become an expert psychiatrist in transversal, retrospective, and prospective evaluation. Transversal: establish whether the defendant was suffering from a psychiatric disorder at time of crime. Retrospective: infer the mental condition and legal responsibility of the defendant at the time he committed the crime Prospective: determine the future risks of repeated criminal behavior Psychiatrists represent 5% of physicians practicing in the U.S. The number of psychiatrist jobs is expected to grow faster than most fields, increasing 14% - 20% between 2006 and 2016 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Job Outlook The Median salary is $179,000. • -Parental competency evaluations • -Psychiatric disability evaluation for worker's compensation or personal injury cases • -Psychiatric malpractice and negligence evaluation • -Assessment of acquittal for insanity plea Evaluation of individual mental fitness for conservatorships Typical Duties Advancement
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