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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 G M O et 'e ut!Nothing GoodFrom Modified Food GMOs are genetically modified organisms that cannotbe created naturally. They are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA frombacteria, viruses or other plants and animals. In the UK, soy allergies skyrocketed by 50% soon after GM soywas introduced and farmers using GM BT sprays on their crops developed allergic reactions. Over 60 countries in theworld have bannedthese geneticalterations and do not consider GMOs as safe.(The U.S. not among them) Caution! You may be purchasingfrom corporations that payto fight from GMO labelingsuch as: -Kraft-Cascadian Farm-General Mills-Kellog's Between years 2000and 2009, there hasbeen an 65% increase of Inflammatory BowelDisease found in children. Some Ingredients to Avoid:-Aspartame-BHT-Canola Oil-Caramel Color-(High Fructose) Corn Syrup-(Soy) Lecithin-Tofu-Lactic Acid With over 80% of grocery foods containing genetically modifiedorganisms (GMOs) in the U.S.,our goals of living healthier lives have become scarcer. With government funds supporting the use of GMOs in mass food corporations, the general publicblindly falls victim to the creations of cheap processed foodas a means of budget friendly/economical living. The reality of this is that the money saved by thepurchasing of these products will simply be madeup through a hospital bill.With a multitude of organisations, online support, and tasty recipes, healthier lifestylesthrough budget friendly means provethat a natural lifestyle is a happier lifestyle. Bloggers/Apps/Websites for Healthier Living Links To Get You Started:GMO Information (Know The Facts)-
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