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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 They Lady And The TigerBy Frank R. Stockton Mood, the mood of this story is loving and nervous.1."From the moment of his arrest, the princess thought of nothing but this hour".2." The lady look with affection upon the young man, and the princess feared that the young man returned this look to the lady". 3."As the young many looked at the princess, he could tell she knew the secret". Tone, the tone of this story is intensity.1."Now, the point of the story is this: Did the tiger come out of that door, or did the lady"?2. "She had lost him, but who should have him"?3. " And without the slightest hesitation, she had moved her hand to the right?. Plot Structure Exposition- "Long ago, there lived a savage, cruel king, who believed that he was a brilliant and reasonable sovereign".Rising action- "On the appointed day, the king gave a signal, and the accused stepped out into the arena. Directly opposite him were two identical doors".Climax- "He went directly to the door on the right and opened it".Falling Action- The falling action is when she opened the door.Resolution- The story ends with the reader not knowing what door he opened. Theme the theme of this story is the big mystery. That's the theme because you don't know what door he choose."So, fair reader, which came out of the opened door the lady or the tiger"? Conflict-The conflict of this story is man verses self. " It was the duty of the subject to open one, he could open either door. From one, a ferocious tiger might spring upon him as a punishment for his guilt. From the other, a beautiful lady might step out and, as a reward of his innocence, immediately marry the man".
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