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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TONE The story is a twisted and cruel story. Frank writes "a person's guilt or innocence was decided by merechance." He could choose twodoors "from one, a ferocioustiger might spring upon him as a punishment for his guilt." Or he could go to the second door"a beautiful lady might step out and, as a reward of his innocence, immediately marry the man." This story is unpredictable and cruel The princess doesn't want the love of her life with another woman, but she doesn't want him dead. She had to do something "she had done what no other person had done - she had discovered the secret behind the doors." She was going to show him which door to go through. She was either sending him to his death or to a beautiful woman. The story ends "so, fair reader, which came out of the opened door - the lady or the tiger?" MOOD Lady or the Tiger? THEME The theme of the story is Loss of Fate. He choices to be with the princess. But he loses his fate when the king "immediately threw the young servant into prison and set a day for his trial." The servant doesn't gain his fate back, he puts it in the princess's hands. Frank writes "As the young man looked at the princess, he could tell she knew the secret. He had expected her to know, for she was his only hope." By Frank R. Stockton EXPOSITION The exposition starts out like a fairytale, "Long ago, there lived a savage. cruel king, who believed that he was a brilliant and reasonable sovereign." The king had a daughter who fell in love with a servant. The princess and her love, get caught. The servant has to serve trial. He had to pick two doors, one with a tiger, the other with a beautiful lady. RISING ACTION The rising action is the time leading up to the trial. The princess knows which door has the tiger and which door had the woman. She "had discovered the secret behind the doors." It'd almost the climax when the servant looks at the princess and asks which door. CONFLICT The conflict is the servant and the princess get caught having an affair. He is sent to trail. He has to pick two doors. He will either get mauled by a tiger, or marry a beautiful woman. SELINA MENTZER The climax is when the servant enters the arena. "As their eyes met, the princess knew his question: "Which?" There was not an instant to be lost." He takes her word for it and goes to open the door she directed him to. "He went directly to the door on the right and opened it." Frank puts this quote directly in his story: CLIMAX "Now , the point of the story is this: Did the tiger come put of the door, or did the lady?" FALLING ACTION The falling action is how the princess feels. She doesn't want him dead, but doesn't want to see the love of her life with another woman who is dead-drop gorgeous. "She cried out as she imagined her lover opening the door to meet the cruel fangs of the tiger! But how much oftener she imagined him opening the other door." She was in love with this man. She wasn't sure if she would rather have him dead, or be with another man.
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