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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. 19,000 employees with with skills that gives most benefit to the company. Everyone is assessed and are equally valuable to the company - Manage price to maximize demand. - Control cost and supply of the products to fight througheconomic turbulence in 2009. Who is Roger Farah and how did he get to who he is today? Unique Bold Right mind Talents:-Management-Marketing-Business-Planning -Analysis- Being Different Economics He had his own plans Did what he felt was right Saks Fifth Avenue Salary $8600a year Wharton School of Business in University of Pennsylvania. Successes After Farah came inyear 2000 he created a lot of changes. By keeping old customershe still kept the old ways of things too. Claimed thatcontrollingthe distributionand pricingof the brand willkeep the brand in business. Saved Woolworth company 1997 Moved to Polo RalphLauren 2000 Did what hewanted to do Roger Farah 1997 becamepublic in NYSE 1st stock sold at $27.38Today itis $179.66 Stocks Marketing Management 10+ 4 600+ 47 1 19000 Experts from every field 1,000 employees when he started 19,000 employees now Saks Fifth Avenue President of Department Stores Leaped to Polo Ralph Lauren 1. 84 Number World's most valuable company $33 when Farah started$170 whenFarah left Very wide customer groupFarrah distributed the productsso there are products suitable for people from all different economic levels. continents stores countries Brand employees years
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