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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Megacities Mexico City New York A megacity is with a total population in excess of ten million people. the increase of rural urban migration has a resulted in the creation and growth of many cities worldwind and an explosion in the number of megacities. there are more job oportunities fresh water food and better education. there is a lot of traffic conestion and air pollution it is exspensive because of the high cost of housing and slums 10 cationed in the valley of mexico city covers the area of around 1.485km2. An attitide of 2.240 mild winter rainful June to October they speak spenish almost three Quaters of the of the population live in urban areas. Range from those in exstreme poverty. Where resident live in dillapid the life expectanary in mexica for males is 73 and for the females 78.the birth rate is (per 100 people per per year) 2000-23 2012-19 there is a lot of air pollution problems water supply and wastewater issuesurban sprawlpopulation increase around the fring of the city and decline in populationin the downtown areainfrastructure problems and loss of natrual inviroment New York city is located on the easten atlantic coast of the united states at the mouth of the hudson river. The population in New York is 19,651.127 million people.the population for males is 9,651,127 milion and for the females is ten million New York city is made up of five boroughs seperatedby various waterways. New York uses a grid layout - wide roads, use of 'one way only'roads which avoids cars crossing paths, use of public transportlike street cars andelevated trains, subways and houses and taxies. Access for pedestrain traffic. Challenge - old deteriorating wastewater facilities. one quater are operating beyongtheir useful life expectancy.Rely on facilities to treat sewage and wastewaters before returning to waters bodies.Positives - A lot of attactions for residents and tourists, good puldic transpartationsystem, access to employment
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