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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Utopian Movement The Harmonites Perfection Apocalpyse Discovering the Utopian Movement Religious Views Celibacy Moving Around The Harmonites believed that the end of the world was coming very quickly.Due to the quickly upcoming expiration date, they practiced celibacy. There was no need to reproduce when the world was going to end so soon. Also, they wanted to purify themselves for the upcoming millennium. The brains/founder of the Harmonites was George Rapp. Rapp was a German immigrant who then founded the Harmonite Society on Feburary 15,1805.The founding site was Bulter County, PA. Utopian seekers hoped to create their perfect society by building experimental communities.Most of the communes had short lifespans, and the utopians performed their experiments in isolationfrom the rest of society The Brains The first settlement was in Butler County, PA where they built the town of Harmony.The 2nd settlement was moved to the Indiana Territory and was named New Harmony after they had left. New Harmony was struck by a terrible illness and about 120 people were lost.The 3rd settlement was near Pittsburgh, PA and was named Economy after the spiritual notion of the Divine Economy. As Millennialists, they believed Jesus Christ would come in their lifetime.People should become "pure" and "perfect" due to Jesus's arrival. They believed that the old ways on Earth were coming to an end.A new perfect kingdom on earth was about to be realized.
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