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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 step 2 step How a project works @ RASREYE We set up a phone call!We want to get to know you,your business & what youare looking for with your newproject!So we set up the call and ask a bunch of questionsto get to know you & yourdirection! 1st DraftDesign At this point our developersare going to take your visionand our experience to give youa "first draft," design!We may ask for a few basiccontent pieces, like a logo,text or photos you'd like featured on the home page 3 step Revisions You'll take a look and give us feedbackabout the appearance, navigationand overall "look & feel" of the design.Sometimes we only need one draft,other times there are several.For each draft we will ask for feedback,it helps us narrow down the designto something you will love & will workbest for your business! We will do revisions until we receive finalapproval for the design! InitialConsultation Call ContentCompletion 4 step Once we have the layout & designcompleted we will compile all the contentyou have given us and add it to the site,headlines, page names, photo galleries...all of these will be filled in. We will alsoset up any email, keywords for SEO,ecommerce etc. that pertains to yourproject. Finish line! Now is the best part! We go LIVE!Your new site is ready to open your site up to the public, getting information to your clients on their computers & mobile devices!Time to celebrate! HOORAY!
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