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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Weapons of "The Great War" Mustard Gas British Casualties; 4,086 German Casualties; 9,000 Russian Casualties; 56,000 Mustard gas wasfirst used on July 12, 1917by Germany Tanks Mustard gas is a chemical agent that causes severe burning of the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.(Palermo, 2013) It can be absorbed into the body through inhalation, ingestion or by coming into contact with the skin or eyes.(Palermo, 2013) (Unknown author, unknown year) Tanks Produced By 1918 Great Britain& France Germany = 1,000Tanks Great Britain & France = 6,506Germany = 20 The tank was used to travel through muddyterrain and to moveover barbed wire The first tank wasnamed "Little Willie."It weighed 14 tonsand held 3 people in cramped conditions. The tanks had to havea minimum speed of 4 mph, climb a 5 foot tallobstacle, and cross a 5 foot long trench (Unknown author, unknown year) Machine Guns Machine guns needed 4-6 men to work themand had to be on a flat surface. They had the fire-power of 100 guns.(Unknown author, 2014) Machine guns couldfire 400-650 roundsper minute, and had the firepowerof 80 riflemen Number of RoundsFired by 10 MachineGuns in 12 Hours(Battle of the Somme) = 200,000 rounds 1,000,000 rounds (Unknown author, 1916) Refrences Duffy, M. (2009). Weapons of War - Poison Gas.First World War. Retrieved from Palermo, E. (2013). What is Poison Gas.Live Science. Retrieved from Unknown author. (No date). WW1 Tanks-All the Facts.WW1 Facts. Retrieved from Duffy, M. (2009). Weapons of War-Tanks.First World War. Retrieved from Unknown author. (2014). World War One-Weapons.History on the Net. Retrieved from Payne D. (2008). Evolution of the Machine-Gun.The Western Front Association. Retrieved from
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