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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New weapons/technologies in WWI Barbed wire Barbed wire was used primarily to keep invading troops out of their trench.For example it made it harder for enemyflamethrowers to get in the trench. Flamethrower The Flamethrowers main use was to clear out enemy trenches quickly and effectly. According toa British Officer the flamethrower wasmainly demoralizing to the opposing soldiers. (History Channel 2014) Tanks When people hear tanksthey think about the tanks todaythat are powerful. However inWWI the tanks weren't usedfor it's fire power, instead it was used asa big block of steel. In WWI the main purposeof the tank was to barrel through barbedwire, and it's guns often time didn't workcorrectly. (none, 2014) Gas Masks Machine Guns The Machine gun was one of themost deadly weapons in the firstworld war. It only had to be manedby two soldiers, and it could do thework of 40 riflemen. Making avitale and deadly weapon.(matchine gun on the western frount, 2011) Chemical Warfare Chemical warfare was first usedin WWI, and devastated the opposingsoldiers. Chemical warfare wasn'tjust used to kill people, it was aneffective way to distract soldiersin the trenches giving the the otherside the advantage. (History Channel 2014) Gas masks started playing a rolein the first world war after chemicalwarfare had begin. It was usedto limit the effects of chemicalwarfare. (Chester, 2014) References World War 1. (n.d.). Retrieved from Wikipedia: Tanks in World War 1. (n.d.). Retrieved from Wikipedia: none. (2014, 11 21). weapons of war-mark 1 tank. Retrieved from bbc: matchine gun on the western frount. (2011, 04 14). Retrieved from millitary history monthly: Chester, J. (2014, 2 24). World War One: Scientist John Haldane tested gas on himself. Retrieved from bbc: (matchine gun on the western frount, 2011) (Tanks in World War 1, n.d.) Typical barbed wire entaglements. (n.d.). Retrieved from wikimedia:,_HDC_-_NARA_-_299690.jpg (Chester, 2014) World War 1: Gas Warfare. (n.d.). Retrieved from old magazine articles: (World War 1: Gas Warfare, n.d.) (Typical barbed wire entaglements, n.d.) Portable Flamethrower. (n.d.). Retrieved from Military Factory: (Portable Flamethrower, n.d.) Battle of Hooge. (2014). The History Channel website. Retrieved 1:35, November 24, 2014, from
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