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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wind vs Natural gas Wind vs Natural gas The showdown! The showdown! Right now, the province of Ontario pays about 13 cents per kilowatt of electricity for wind power. The technology required can cost up to $350,000. The price of Natural gas varies with its carrier. The company Union gas limited charges their fuel at 19.21 cents per meter cubed. To build an installation, the technology cost canrise up to $550 million. Wind power is a very clean source of energy. The process of gathering energy produces no greenhouse gasses whatsoever. The only con related to the environment is the constant issue of birds being hit by the blades on the turbines. Natural gas is far less clean than wind energy. The emissions made from natural gas based energy can be up to 25% more potent than co2 as a greenhouse gas! The emission is called methane. The process of wind energy to electricity is quite simple. Wind turns the turbine, turbine spins the generator, and the generator produces electricity using the copper coil-magnet process for us to use Using natural gas to create energy is not quite as care free as wind power. The process begins with the burning of natural gas. This allows heated air to begin turning the turbines, then the generator, and electrical energy is made through the copper coil-magnet process. The product of burning this fuel can produce a greenhouse gas called methane. Equipment and technology required for wind energy: Very tall turbine outer structure, Turbine fins and generator connection, generator, and connecting conductors. All these parts work together to form the system. Equipment and technology for natural gas energy: Large room for combustion, tubes leading to turbines, turbines, generator, and connecting conductors. All these parts work together to form the system. There are a few social impacts worth mentioning. The production of wind energy creates jobs based in maintenance and management of wind turbines. In suburban settings, complaints have been arising that there are loud noises emitted from turbines which is a sufficiently valid argument. There are also a few social impacts worth mentioning on the natural gas's behave. Any power plant has the ability of taking many new workers. This means a whole lot more job production. However, there is a setback to all of this. Some of the tasks required in these installations can be dangerous. Pros Pros -Zero greenhouse emissions-Good job opportunities -Relatively low cost for construction -Lowest co2 emitter out of fossil fuel energy choices -Great job opportunities -Relatively small power station build size Cons Cons -Very noticeable noise from rotating blades-Can kill flying animals like birds and bats-Apparently interferes with peoples view of a good suburban city -Can emit very potent greenhouse gas (methane)-Jobs created can be dangerous-Quite costly Final verdict Based on all the information found, If I had to make a choice I would choose wind power. Firstly, wind power is a more clean energy source. Secondly, I do supportmore safe work placements. Natural gas work placementsare not exactly as safe as wind work placements. Finally, the wind energy installations are much more cheap than natural gas stations. In conclusion,I believe that we should make wind power our go to source of electrical energy.
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