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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Timeline 495-429B.C Greek Gods Education Economy Historical Impact Goden age(457BC-432BC) Family History Pericles Archaic Period (800 BC - 480 BC)Classical Period (480 BC - 323 BC)Hellenistic Period (323 BC - 146 BC) Pericles was born in Athens in the state of Attica in 495 BC into a Athenian family. His father, Xanthippe , belonged to an eminent political family and served as strategos during the Persian War in 479 BC attaining hero status.Pericles mother, Agariste,was a member of the Alcmaeonid family,famous for its long involvement in Athens political history. Cleisthenes, the famous reformer of the Athenian government in 507 BC,was Pericles great-uncle. Hera Zeus Athena Apollo Artemis Language Population 71-73% of the population owned 60-65% of the land. The economy was based on maritime commerce and manufacturing, according to Amemiya's estimates, 56% of Athens' GDP was derived from manufacturing Arabic Turkish Persian Urdu Pericles had a great impact in the literary and artistic works of the Golden Age, most of which still survive to this day. Pericles led Athenian imperialism, which denies true democracy and freedom to the people of all but the ruling state.Pericles and his policies have been at the center of arguments promoting democracy in oppressed countries. 300,000 to 350,000 Boys studied at home and when they were seven they need to attend to school.There,teachers taught them to read and write,mathematic,music.They also need to take part in physical education class and prepared for the future military services.
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