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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Polynomial Polynomial, is the sum of one or more terms; all of the above are specific types of Types of Polynomial: Mononomial: has 1 termBinomial: has 2 termsTrinomial: has 3 terms Polynomials must be written in there standard form.That means it must be written, in order from the variable with the largest exponent, to variable with the smallest one. Box Method First you create a box for all terms in a polynomial, getting multiplied. Now line up your terms with each box, one equation should be on top and the other on the side. Now you'll begin to multiply. First you would multiply the first two terms in the example that is 2x and x). That answer you'd put in the top left box.Now the top left term, by the top right term(top left term is x and top right term is 1). That answer you'd put the square below 1. Now multiply the the bottom left term, by the top left term(-3*2x). Once that's done put the anwer from that is the square beside -3. Now multiply the bottom left term by the top right term(-3 * 1). Now put that answer in the second square below the top right term(1). With those four answers, you add like terms and put it into standard format. Side note this process is similar to punnett squares. Why it works: It works, because the box method is the equivalent of the distributing. The only difference is the way, your work is presented in Foil(he acronym) and box the method. In the box method ,the first row of the box method box, is the is the same as F and O. The next row is the equivalent as O and L of the foil method. This in simple this means you're multiplying the first terms to on the left are getting distributed in the top row of the box method.So ultimately with both methods you get the same answer. -5 2x+8 4y - 5xsquared - 9
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