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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 Landmark Supreme Court Cases Year: 1996Chief Justice: John Paul StevensFacts: challengers met both prudential and Article III standing requirements, and further held that the cancellation provisions in theLine Item Veto are not authorized by the Constitution.Issue: Whether the provisions in the Line Item Veto Act that allow the President to cancel certain types of provisions of a law are constitutional.Ruling: 6 to 3 in favor for New York Clinton V New York Year: 1974Chief Justice: Warren E. BurgerFacts: The prosecutor subpoena'd Nixons conversation with his advisors regarding the watergate scandal. Presidents counsel moved to quash the subpoena citing Article IIIssue: Is the Presidents Article II constitutional privilege absolute?Ruling: 8 to 0 against Nixon. US V Nixon Year: 1824Chief justice: John MarshallFacts: Gibbons got a license to use a ferry in new york under a statute enacted by Congress, which violated ogdens monopolyIssue: Was the New York courts injunction against Ogdens license lawful?Ruling: Ruled in favor of Gibbons Gibbons V Ogden McCulloch V Maryland double click to change this header text! Year: 1819Chief Justice: John MarshallFacts: McCulloch (D), the cashier of the Baltimorebranch of the Bank of the United States, issuedbank notes without complying with the Maryland law.Maryland sued McCulloch for failing to pay the taxesdue under the Maryland statute and McCullochcontested the constitutionality of that act.Issue: Does Congress have the authority to establisha Bank of the United States under the Constitution?Ruling: Ruled in favor for McCulloch Year: 1803Chief Justice: John MarshallFacts: The new president instructed Secretaryof State James Madison to withhold deliveryof the commissions. Marbury sought mandamusin the Supreme Court, requiring James Madisonto deliver his commission.Issue:Is Marbury entitled to mandamus from theSupreme Court?Ruling: Unanimously 4-0 decided Madison isn'trequired to deliver the commission to marbury. Marbury V Madison
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