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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Plot Mood Theme Exposition double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Rising Action Climax Conflict Falling Action Resolution The author describes the vicious laws of the kingdom and introduces the characters -The princess and the servant The conflict results fromthe king discovering thelove of the two maincharacters, the Princessand the servant. This setsup a man vs man conflict. The reader is informedthat the servant isto be tried in the arena, butthe princess hasdiscovered the secret behind the doorsand must choose betweenher love and her jealousy. The climax of the story is the turning point.In this case, the pointat which the princessmust choose to tell theservant which door toopen. The choice was made.The princess sent herlover to the door onthe right. He strode acrossthe arena, to the door hewas told to. There is no resolution.The reader never findsout which door it was, Tiger or lady.However, the reader canmake an informed guessbased on the type of person they were toldthe princess was. HINT The Lady or the Tiger. Story by: Frank R. StocktonInfographic by: Evan R. Gibson "This merciless king had a beautiful daughter - but she was as arrogant and proud as her father was." "The young man woulddie or marry - in either case, the king was rid of him" "Oh, how it pained herwhen she saw his lookof delight as he met thelady!" As the reader, I felta rather cynical moodduring reading. The kingwas barbaric, the princessarrogant, and the love struck servant boy doesn't evenget the girl in either endscenario Despairing would be agood theme. The twomain characters starta love that never getsa chance and theprincess gets to decideif her lover gets mauledin front of her or marry adifferent woman. Thatis certainly worthy ofdespair
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