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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lady or The Tiger Mood The mood of Lady or The Tiger is dark. There is hatred . The mood is very tense when the princess and the prince are separated andthe prince has to choose the correctdoor. Plot The plot of the Lady or The Tiger the exposition is when Georges son has a bunch of handi-caps and Hazel doesn't because she isjust average. In the rising action the princess falls inlove with a man. The king does not agree with her decision. At the climax theking throws the young man into prison. In the falling action the princess discovers what door hides what, and will show the young man a door. There is no resolution. Tone The tone of Lady or The Tiger is suspenseful and dark. The author Shows us this by using shady romance and leaving the end of the story with a horrible cliffhanger, driving the reader crazy to figure out what happens next. Theme The theme of the Lady or The Tiger is the noble sacrifice because when the prince is choosing a door, it is literally all or nothing. He either gets the girlof his dreams or death. Tone: Some quotes for the tone of suspenseful and dark is "Long ago, there lived a savage, cruel king, who believed that he was a brilliant and reasonable sovereign." The words "savage, and cruel" show darkness. Another quote that shows this is "The king chose a most savage tiger to crouch behind one door." Lastly a quote that shows suspense is "And without the slightest hesitation, she had moved her hand to the right.So, fair reader, which came out of the opened door the lady or the tiger!" QUOTES By Frank R. Stockton Mood: One quote toshow hatred is "...the king learned of their love. He immediately threw the young servant into prison and set a day for his trial." Another way the storyway the story shows hatred is "The kingpermitted no such arrangements to interferewith his magnificent plan ofpunishment and reward." Lastly the quote " The young man would die or marry in either case, the king was rid of him." This shows hatred from the king. Conflict The conflict in the short story The Lady or The Tiger is an example of internal conflict. The princesshas to decide for herself whether she wants to tell the prince to choose the door where he would be killed or the one where he would end up with a woman she hated. It's a tough decision for her. Does she love the man so much that she would prefer to have him live even though it meant he would be with a a different women? Or is she selfish enough to see him die instead? She is fighting with herself. Drew Wagner
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