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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Modern Megacities What is a Megacity? Megacities are numerous large and wide cities all around the world. Megacities are only qualified as a megacity if there is more than 10-15 million inhabitants.They face many social, economic and environmental challenges. Megacity experiencing Urban Pressure Jakarta Megacity handling Urban Pressure Positively Tokyo Location - Capital City of Indonesia and located in the peninsula of Java.- Largest Metropolitan area in Southeast Asia.Population/Demographics - current pop. 13 million.- independence caused a population boom- economic/political capital of Indonesia- inner parts people are richer- outer parts people are poorerInteresting statistical Data- 86% is Muslim- Poorer people live in dirty slums- Housing is very limited, making half of Jakarta's population in slums.Physical Layout- built around telecommunications,transportation, services and finance.- parade of tall bulidings, modern shopping centres.- high quality amenities are for high incomefamilies. Location - Capital city of Japan- situated in the northern hemisphere-Southwestern part of the Kanto RegionPopulation/Demographics - pop. 35 million- most richest city in the world- world of economy, culture and industry- Joman Culture- susquent influences, mostly Chinese- since urbanisation alot of migrants have arrivedInteresting Statistical Data- people commute to work amking the poplulation high during working hours- has man public transport options- has the most mechelin starred restaurant worldwidePhysical layout- many streets- 42 developed skscrapers- apartments put togetherManagement Strategies- new railway lines and appartments- infastructure, social services- zoning systems and subway networks- auto - mobile orientated
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