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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Criteria for selection DATA AND DATA COLLECTION PROCEDURES By: Astrid Aguiar Determining what constitute data involves a number of steps: Operionalizing the variables by identifying a set of behaviors associated with them according to current theory. Clear definition of the variables and the focus of the study. The data collected through the assessment of those behaviors occur in a variaty of forms such as tests, scores, descriptions, conversations, and so on. Procedures for collecting the data Once the researcher has decided WHAT data colect, the next step is to decide HOW to collect them. At this point the researcher will select the appropiate data collection procedire(s) from a large poo of available procedures The criteria are based on the different types of research designs.The procedures used to collect the data will often depend on whether the research is synthetic or heuristic, analytic or deductive. Determining what constitute data The data collection parameter Collecting data by procedures of low degree of explicitness is often done by means of open and informal procedures which tend to be simultaneously. Collecting data by means of procedures of a high degree of explicitness involves the use of "formal" and structured types of data collection procedures which determine in advance the specific focus of the data that will be sought. Description of data collection procedure The procedures will described according to the framework of the data collection parameter. PROCEDURES FOR COLLECTING DATA IN QUALITATIVE RESEARCH interviewsOpen observationsRecord reviewsDiariesQuestionnairesTests Assuring the quality of the data and the data collection procedures 0 50 100 January February March April May June July RELIABILITYDifferent types of reliability need to be computed, depending on where the researcher suspects that inaccuracies in the data collection procedure could occur:Inter ratherTest-retestRegroundingVALIDITYRefers tp the extent to which the data collection procedure measures what it intends to measure. Different types of vality need to be computed:Content validityCriterion validityConcurrent validityPredictive validity Using, adapting, and developing data collection procedures. THe researcher has three choices:a) To use ready-made procedures developed and tried out by other researchers.b) To adapt and revise existing procedures.c) To develop new data collection procedures.
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