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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Opportunities for growth &Professional development: Within Model TEACHER EVALUATION PROCESSAn Arizona Model forMeasuring Educator Effectiveness Rubrics and ratings:Provided for assessment The ramifications for not meeting:The standards Basic Inclusions: Ethical and Legal Responsibilities for teachers The Arizona Model for measuring educator effectiveness does not formally address theethical and legal responsibilities for teachers.Ethical considerations are addressed in aRubric format under - Classroom EnvironmentCreating an environment of respect and RappaportManaging classroom proceduresManaging Student BehaviorShowing proffesionalism The growth and professional development rubric encourages and outlines various opportunities for teachers to engage in. The rubric is part of the teacherevaluation results and encourages growth and professional development. Ramifications for not meeting the standards are not outlined in the model. The evaluation does consist of the previous teaching year,pre- observation, and post observation and (2) formal observations. The teacher evaluation model wascreated to provide process, templates,observation rubrics, and a rating system formeasuring teacher performance.- Planning and preparation- Classroom Environment- Instruction- Professional ResponsibiltiesSurveys are 17% of the model- Parent Survey, Student Survey, Peer Review, Self Review
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