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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VOC Renaissance Reformation Old Imperialism Intellectual Demographic Religious Intellectual Demographic Religious Intellectual Demographic Religious and Dutch Republic humanism individualism The printing press was aninvention that allowed for the spread of worldwide knowledge, it especially helped withtrade growth because of the surplus of maps.The intellectual artistic advances of the timeperiod, greatly humanism,applied itself to future Baroque artistic ideas A focus on humans began to takeover religion. The use of theVernacular lead to the spread ofProtestantism by giving the peoplethe ability to really understand theirfaith Christopher Columbus makes a major "accidental"discovery of the New World. These newly discoveredtrade routes result in theGlobal TradeNetwork. Telescopes are alsoan invention that played a major role in European travel. Spain and Portugal share a similardesire to convert other culturesto their religion during their timeof exploration of new landsand other peoples. The Reformation causes Europesreligious unity to come to an end.There is a corruption of the papacyand the Treaty of Augsburgeventually allows for religioustolerance. During the Reformation,Protestantism grows and ideasof men, such as John Calvin, begin to become popular. Calvinismeventually becomes the leadingreligion of the Dutch Republic. The German Peasants' Revolt leadsto a dramatic decrease in population.Over time, the population beginsto regrow through an economic inflationof gold and silver. The discovery of the New Worldled to immigration and establishmentof colonies. A new commercial class in Europe, the Bourgeoisie,rose. The Commercial Revolution resultedin a large population increase aswell as a desire for trade. Thecharter- joint stock companies that arose included the East and WestIndia companies.
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