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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why? Where? Who? What? Life Currently History Why? It was created to give people a better life and to make canada a better, safer and more organized place. So that we could live and be free from the critizisem and hate around us in the world today. It was also made to give us guidelines, and so we could all be treated equally. The Charter of rights and freedoms doesn't feel like it is in my life at all, but it is. Everyday I go around saying my opinion on things, hanging out with friends, and just doing what I do every regular day. Everything I can do is because of the charter of rights andfreedoms. It's the reason why I can talk to people, and its the reason why i can have my own beliefs. Its the reasonwhy I can be who I am today. The Charter of rights and freedoms is a set of rules pretty much, but it is also rights that we have as Canadians. Some of the things that are on it are the freedom of speech, association, religion, conscience, thought, belief,expression press, and communication.There is also the right to vote, and learn in either french or english. If you are a canadian citizen you can leave canada and come back whenever you have to. Now the Charter protects important freedoms and rights it limits how muchgovernments can pass laws or or do things that could affect human rights. Everyone is treated equally regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, background, religion, gender, or age. We can be with whoever we want and talk to whoever we want, and believe anything that we want to believe in. The Canadian charter of rights is for anyone and everyone who lives in canada except for two of the rights which are only for people who are citizens of canada. The rights only for citizens of Canada are mobilityrights and democratic rights. Charter of Rights and Freedoms In 1945, Alistair Stewart, who had been elected to be a member of the Co-operative Common wealth gave the Parliament the first idea to create a Canadian bill of rights. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms came on April 17, 1982. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created in the capital of Canada, which is Ottawa. The British made it because candaians weren't getting along and they had to do something about it. So they made a set of guidelines and gave it to us.
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