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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] 1 Step by step Download PRICE BREWED APP & Choose your bar ! Download PRICE BREWED APP & Choose your bar ! 2 PRICE BREWED APP Evaluate the bar's ambiance & Create your mate team ! 3 The game can begin !!! 4 5 Quizz Time : 3 innings ! 6 End of the game ! Join all the players at the bar ! Cheers Mates !!! It's time for beer tour ! 50% off for team "Girlz" :D Choose your adversary Try the Game : "Crash Hops" Try the Game : "Crash Hops" Select a group to challenge through their picture Take a picture, choose a nickname & fill the number of players "Team Girlz threats you" "We accept the challenge !!!" Share your experience on : You can take your revenge when you want where you want with who you want ! Find as quickly as possible what is hidden behind a simpleillustration blurred. It can represent a celebrity, a movie, a country, a brand...Be smart & quick to win the game & crash on the beer price ! Typing the word « App » into Google retrieves about 2,020,000 results in 0.42 seconds. This shows that the mobile phone application market is huge and a potential source of immense profits. In this creative idea, we want to present to you what we think is going to be one of outstanding apps that are going to survive the hype and will provide long-lasting value to all its users. The idea of the application Price Brewed was born out of pure need for its service, in other words there is no existing centralized database about finding the best place for having a beer with our friends and enjoying a game (See above Picture 1).Our first aim is to satisfy our customers and provide them the best services for a better life. In launching this free app, we thought about a practical and easy product to use. Indeed, through using it, people will have more time to go out and have to spend less time on browsing through different websites to find the best bar. Everyone will be able to utilize it when they want and where they want. Our concept applies to beer drinkers who wants to hang out together and enjoy their night out. The application allows mates to find the best bar in order to compete against other teams through various games. Unlike other social agendas, not only does this app enable you to meet new people and visit fun places but also the players can crash their beers price when they win competitions. Moreover, through this app, we want to answer to the customers motivation such as sharing, meeting or even dating with perfect strangers and most important enjoying a game while having reduced price.Price Brewed is based on different key characteristics such as the parameter of geolocation used with GPS of the smartphone (See Picture 2). It is also an interactive platform for sharing photos and for providing reviews such as an entertainment guide. On the social side, it promotes and facilitates meetings thanks to the game organized in the bar. Indeed, this app gathers additional and specialized information in one place. Some details: What ambiance do you want? Music lives, sport, after work...Click on the logo to make your choice ! - geolocation tool (GPS)- interactive platform for sharing photos & reviews- entertainment guide Answer to the request Unlike other social agendas, not only does this app enable you to meet new people and visit fun places but also the players can crash their beers price when they win competitions. Only bars that offer the game "Crash Hops" are represented by the beer logo. Through this logo, the volume of the pint, higher or lower depends on the score attributed by the app users. Furthermore, all the information collected is sent to the beer's brand via the application in order to help it to improve its database.It can be an innovative channel of communication for the brand.To conclude, we really hope to have convinced you of the benefits of our service and then you will jump on the train and take advantage of this idea! However there is no loser !
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