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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DROWNING PREVENTION About one in five people who drown are children aged 14 and younger. Around 4,000 people nearly drown each year, around 400 of them die. If parents and their children follow the circle of drowning prevention, this could decrease the amount of people drowning yearly. Fence pools and spas with suitable barriers.This stops their access to the pool without parental supervision. Children who are inexperienced swimmers should always wear life jackets. This also applies to people on boat. Always provide close and consistent attentionto children you are supervising when they are near or in water. Always swim in a life guard area. Most inportantly encouraged all children and adults to learn to swim and be familiar with water survival skills. If you are in a position where a child or adult has drowned, be sure to follow this procedure .... Step 1: Call for help! ( notify a life guard or call 000)Step 2: Check for dangers and try and remove the person from the water.Step3: Check if the person is breathing and if they have a pulse.Step 4: If the person doesn't have a pulse, immediately give CPR. Give 2 breaths followed by 30 chest compressions. Repeat until ambulance has arrived. If you are faced in a situation when you are drowning, do not panic. Try and keep you head above the water and put yourhand in the air to alert life guards and others.Try and swim parallel to shore to get out of the current.Try your best to tread water and hold your breath. CALL 000 IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.
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