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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - As the work force ages, people are becoming much more receptive to visual learning- In creative fields especially, infographic resumes engage hiring managers who look through large numbers of resumes daily; note that they are not appropriate for all fields- Many professionals endorse the use of well-executed infographic resumes, saying that they make candidates stand out and display personality and creative skills- Make sure your format is clear: the goal is to make your information easier to understand, so simplifying can be a powerful tool. Some common features include timelines and headlines.- A clever infographic resume can demonstrate a variety of strengths, including your marketing / branding expertise and writing skills & creativity- Infographic resumes can be great networking tools they can be conversation starters or the basis for an interesting online bio- Websites like can help you create yours! Social vs. Professional Media Social vs. Professional Media Creating an effective resume: Creating an effective resume: Why build aLinkedIn profile? Why build aLinkedIn profile? Rise of the infographic resume Rise of the infographic resume A personal website is valuable when:- Your field, work, or experience are highly visual and/or portfolio-based. Ex: in graphic design, art, or architecture- Your work is consistently being updated- You want to be easily found - and control what's found - online; personal websites make finding relevant information about you much easier.- You want to build your personal brand, stand out, and bring personality to your professional information- You want to gain experience building sites and developing your professional network Where is the overlap? How important is it to keep them separate? Rejections due to online information 93% 68% 33% 18% 78% New Age Networking: Building Your Professional Digital Presence New Age Networking: Building Your Professional Digital Presence Use LinkedIn to contact Employers who will find you on Facebook Have hired through a social network The value of a personal website The value of a personal website 1. Build your professional self-brand2. Organize professional relationships3. Attract recruiters4. Get recommendations & endorsements5. Learn more about potential employers6. Connect with relevant peers Check out these articles:- The Advantages & Benefits of Creating a LinkedIn Profile- Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Profile- 7 Ways College Students Can Benefit From LinkedIn 1. Format clearly keep font standard, not too small2. Identify & quantify your accomplishments3. List important information first4. Update regularly- remove irrelevant or outdated info5. Be professional, but show some personality Take a look at these posts:- Tips for Writing an Effective Resume- 10 Tips to Create an Effective Resume & Get Noticed- 4 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out Check Twitter after the interview 2. Search by keyword, title, school, location, or language3. Sign up for relevant Groups to virtually network and build engagement: focus your time and effort on 3-5 groups, dont spread yourself too thin over too many groups where you arent active; participate!4. Make sure the Groups you join are active and visible to the community5. With a basic profile, you can search for people within your industry and request an introduction, as long as you are separated by three connections or fewer; use the Get Introduced Through a Connection feature to build your network 1. Search via company if youre interested in finding postings by a specific entity; this is also a good way to learn about the competition The importance of expanding your search horizons The importance of expanding your search horizons Finding the right people Finding the right people - Careers today are much more flexible than in the past most millennials will hold between 10 and 20 jobs during their careers- Determine your must-have job characteristics - like location or hours - and keep an open mind about the rest- Networking is all about learning whats out there; start conversations, because you never know what you might learn or who you might encounter- In our increasingly global world, it is a career mistake to limit yourself to one company or location. - Put yourself out there at every opportunity & never be afraid to explore your options
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