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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 B double click to change this header text! Hemophilia- A Genetic Disorder where Your Blood is Missing Clotting Factors A C Missing or Low Levels of Clotting Factor 8 Missing or Low Levels of Clotting Factor 9 Missing or Low Levels of Clotting Factor 11 80% Suffer Severe Hemophilia 10% Suffer Moderate Hemophilia 10% Suffer Mild Hemophilia Short Term Symptoms:- Prolonged Nosebleeds- Excessive Bleeding following Surgery or Minor Injuries- Warmth Under Skin- Bruises in Uncommon Places- Double Vision, Fatigue, Vomiting-Swelling, Tightness, or Pain Around Joints - Blood in Stool/Urine -Can Caused Prolonged Bleeding in Muscles -Bleeding Around Major Joints can lead to Arthritis and Deterioration -Swelling on Joints from Bleeding Numbs/Pains Nerves - Plasma/Clotting Factor Infusions- Liver Transplant (unlikely)- Antifibronolytics to Maintain Clots- Desmopresants to stimulate Clotting Factor Production- Manage Weight- Centrel Venounous Catheter Implant- Fibrant Sealants applied to Open Wounds - Physical Therapy XY X X X Y X X 50% Chance/Child that they will Not be Affected Types A and BPassed throughFemale "X" Gene Type C Passed Through Both Genes 50% Chance of Carrying Types A or B 50% Chance of Getting Types A or B 50% Chance of Getting Type C TYPES CAUSES EFFECTS 1/100 Canadians Have the Gene 1/5000 Males Born with it per Year Hemophilia Can't be Cured, But it Can be Managed Treatment is Effective, But Expensive The Future for Hemophilia Depends on More Research on Gene Therapy TREATMENT PROGNOSIS
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