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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Foxconn(the leading Apple product manufacturer)employments can be both positive and negativeeconomic factors for China. The sheer amount of people Foxconn employs helps decrease the unemployment rate inmany Chinese cities, however this may not be a good thing.Many workers are only paid $1.50 an hour, which is barely enoughto make a living. And the wage for the factory workers isn't the only issue.Although Apple has claimed to have safe working conditions for employees,many workers suffer from illness related to toxic fumes being inhaled.Some workers have reportedly even been physically abused. This, alongside working days of up to 11 hours, has caused manyFoxconn workers to commit suicide. In more recent years, suicide nets have been installed to most of the factory buildings,but if people considered taking their own lives to escape these factories,are the conditions of these factories safe for both the physical and mentalwell being of workers?The factories that produce Apple products are also responsible forlarge amounts of heavy metal waste being dumped into the Huangcangjing and Hanputang rivers. This dangerous metals found in the rivers poisons marine life which could be later sold as seafood. This not only gives the marine life cancer, but the people whoeat the seafood fished from bodies of water that these rivers lead into. Apple Inc. and its Impact on the Developing World Apple has done a few things to improve developing countries.One of these was the release of the iPhone5c. Developed almost solely for the developing world,this $99 smartphone has most of the features of a iPhone5but with a slower processor and a lower-quality camera.While this colourful, plastic phone made smartphonesmore accessible in developing countries, was it only introducedso Apple could make an additional profit? Apple also offers connections between USA,the country where the Apple head office is stationed in,and developing countries such as China. Overall, although Apple has managed to maketechnology more accessible in the modern world,as well as establishing positive connections with the USA, the working conditions, wage and pollutionfrom the Foxconn factories used to manufacture Apple products is unacceptable. Both Apple andFoxconn must improve the quality of factories inorder to make Apple's contribution to China a positive one. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak,Apple quickly grew into one of the world's leading computer companieswith the local success of the Apple I, and the nation-wide success of the Apple II. With their head office in Cupertino, California, Apple still thrives even after the death of Company CEO Steve Jobs.Although being an American-based company, Apple has also had a significant impact on the developing world,most notably, in the country where most Apple products are produced by Foxconn,China. While Apple has had both positive and negative impacts on China and otherdeveloping countries, the poor working hours, factory conditions and wages for employeesas well as pollution outweigh these positive impacts. The Bad The Good The Solution Water pollution must be decreasedto ensure the safety of Chinese peopleand the environment. Working conditions in Foxconn factories must be improvedto ensure the safety of employees. Higher wages must be givento employees to decreasethe chances of poverty. Apple should continue to provide cheaper products for developing countries to help increase the standard of living.
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