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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The BRAIN How Does MUSIC affect the Brain? FACT: Music is one of the few activities the stimulates both the Left and Right sides of the brain simultaneously. Due to this phenomena Doctors now use certain music to successfully treat Seizures, Migraine Headaches and even Tinnitus. Listening to music facilitates the recall of information. Researchers have shown that certain types of music are a great "keys" for recalling memories. Information learned while listening to a particular song can often be recalled simply by "playing" the songs mentally. Music and STUDYING Music helps us learn because it will--establish a positive learning statecreate a desired atmospherebuild a sense of anticipationenergize learning activitieschange brain wave statesfocus concentrationincrease attentionimprove memoryfacilitate a multisensory learning experience Sources:Johns Hopkins School of Education Expert Wait.... What About During the TEST? Research shows that it really depends on the student. When in doubt, Go SILENT.Silence seems to test more consistently compared to studies involving Different types of music from Classical to Rock.Volume seems to play a more significant role in testing than genre.Listen Safely! Music and Testing
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