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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hi!Let me introduce you to the... ADVERTISING [industry] ADVERTISING [industry] Turns out, Global Advertising industry is expected to top of this year. $550 billion Hi!Let me introduce you to the... 2013 2014 2015 2016 +5,2% +3,9% +6,3% +5,5% +6,6% +5,8% +6,8% +6,1% GDP AD expenses the growth of global advertising expenditure and GDP growth 2013-2016 (%) Printed advertising is a 125 billion + industry. It includes:- Magazines- Newspapers- Flyers- Catalogs According to Prof. John Philip Jones, printed advertising is most efficient among others and brings almost double in revenue per 1 dollar spent compared to TV: VS in revenueper every $ spent on advertising in revenueper every $ spent on advertising $0.91 $0.49 [Direct] [Mail] Opening rate for Direct Mail sent to prospects - 91% [best way to bring on board new customers]85%+ people open direct mail, of which less than 40% open if they know the brands listed in ad or if they can see free sample/voucher in mail Global prices for direct marketing campaigns vary from: 600 USD to 4500 USD per 10 000 with standard response rate of 3.4 % The ROI of Direct Mail has increased year-on-year for the last decade, standing at $12.5 on avg.per 1USD spent. Tactile expects to response rate proven by its market experiment, by offering its revolutionized services and becoming world leader of direct mail advertising. 34% of B2C marketers consider Direct Mail to provide the best return on investment, making it the best method of marketing in their view Sources: ZenithOptimedia, eMarketer, CMS, PSprint McKinsey&Company, Direct Marketing Association, Billets Media Monitoring, Target Marketing,businessinsider, direct mail fullfilment.
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