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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The New World and Oceania Political Politically and Economically alike in that both... Contrast in regards that... Oceania New World -Indigenous lifestyleExample: In Oceania's early history, the peoplehunted and gathered for food, but eventually started to rely on root crops such as taro and yams to sustain their population and economy.They also relied in the sea for trade between the islands,such as Paupau New Guinea and Northern Australia, and seafood. -Distinct regional economies facilitated exchanges of useful goodsExample: The importing happened in the mother country, where they would usecheap raw materials to produce expensivegoods. Then they would force the natives to buy and trade only with them. This is caused the mother country to gain profit, power, and useful resources to influence the welfare of their economy. Similar to when the Spanishexploited the natives of the New World in order to bring back precious metals such as gold and silver back to their nation. -They tried to make their government centralized but failed to do so.Example: The Incas tried to have acentralized government but were not able to because of the geography of their region, which was mountainous. Their geographymade communication harder, especially if messages that had to be sent. This made their development to become slow -Their government was centralized but limited because of the natural barriers.Example: Oceania could not have a centralizedgovernment due to local rule from chiefs whichwere believed as a go-between and because each island had its own form of rule. This wasbecause they were separated and did not have close contact with one another. Government was highly influenced by religion.Example: Incas and Aztecs had a theocracy, in which they believed in spirit gods and that the chiefs were part god. The nation states in Oceania believed the same thing, because their chiefs served as go between in the real and spiritual world. Political Had a specialization of laborExample: Both relied on human labor due to the very few amount of domesticated animals. In the Americas, slaves werethe source of human labor to cultivate crops such as maize. In Oceania, they used their lower class to also cultivate crops such as sweet potato to sustian their population. Economic -Lacked domesticated animalsExample: Both the New World and Oceania did not have many animals within their region that they could domesticate ,thus relying on crops as a food source and on human labor to cultivated crops. The only domesticated animal in the New Worldwas the llama while there were no animals domesticated in Oceania. Livestock and cavalry were later introduced by the Europeans when they colonized parts of the regions. Other crops such as rich to theNew World and sweet potato to Oceania. Economical Limitations Political Limitations Limitations differ in that... Limitations alike in that... Economic Resources -They developed in relative isolation meaning that there were some characteristics ofcivilization that were absent.Example: Key technologies such as the wheel, andiron working were absent in their development. This was a cause of why they were conquered and colonized so quickly by explorers. In the New World, Spanish conquistadors, Pizarro, conquered the Incas and Cortesconquered the Aztecs due to their lack of advanced technologyand knowledge of the rest of the world. In Oceania, they were conquered by other European nations. Since they were not as exposed, this led them to becoming exploited by the Europeans for the resources that the regions had to offer for trade. - Oceania had very little resources within their region to tradewhile the New World had more to offer. Example: Explorers from parts Europe; Portugal, Spain, French, Dutch, and England, colonized the New Word.. They imported and exported goodssuch as pineapples, corn, potatoes, and especiallytobacco through the Triangle trade, which was a sea route that made Europe, the New World, and Africahave a trade connection. Oceania on the other wasintroduced to new crops, sweet potato, that grew well in their region.
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